General Counsel and Executive

Holmes Lilley

Holmes Lilley is an accomplished General Counsel for both public and private companies, with a proven record of leadership, strong legal counsel, and business acumen, successfully managing complex legal and business issues for small, mid-size and publicly traded companies. He is currently located in Southern, California. His primary areas of expertise include Workers’ Compensation, Wage and Hour Class Action Litigation Management, Commercial Transactions, Corporate Governance, Compliance, Litigation Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Legal Department Management including l management of in-house and external counsel within budgets to achieve results. 

Holmes Lilley

Professionally and in business, I have been more accepting and more tolerant of risk and actually going out and assuming more risk with the upside of having more reward.  Anytime you open any new business, or you switch roles, you are taking on some risk.  When I started the law firm, Employer Defense Group, in 2017 it was a risk.  You hire one paralegal and you hire one attorney.  


Technology has vastly changed our world and way of life forever. It has also left no industry untouched. The law industry, which historically has more paperwork than any other field, is no exception. Accomplished lawyers like Holmes Lilley are finding new capabilities and better work-life balance with the help of new technology.